Announcing a New Product from United Healthcare Insurance

We are excited to announce that United Healthcare Insurance has rolled out a new product/insurance plan!! Listed below are a few highlights/features and benefits for patients. Please contact us for more information.

  • Choose ANY licensed doctor or hospital in the country.
  • There is no lifetime maximum benefit.
  • No coordination with other forms of insurance, which means you’re paid a fixed amount for a covered service regardless of when or how other health insurance you may have pays the claim.
  • FIXED Rates for as long as you keep the plan
  • ZERO DEDUCTIBLE and ZERO CO-INSURANCE = Day One, Dollar One Benefits!!!

Rollover Benefit

If you can rollover your unused data, why not your doctor visits too? This unique benefit allows you to rollover any unused doctor office (illness or injury) or urgent care visits remaining at the end of a calendar year to the next calendar year. A maximum of 5 visits are allowed to rollover.

Wellness/Preventive Care

Services eligible under this benefit may include the following: annual physicals, immunizations (other than a flu shot), mammograms, and blood screenings.

Hospital and Surgery Benefits

Unlimited Hospital Stay with 25% yearly increase, with in-hospitalization benefits up to 5 years, and Surgical Benefits Tiers 1-4.

Drug Coverage

Coverage for Brand Name and Generic Drugs





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