Long Term Care

Make Sure Your Future Is Secure, With Long Term Care Insurance.

It’s never too early to start thinking about long term care health insurance to protect the welfare of you and the ones you love.

Are you dreaming of a peaceful and relaxed retirement? What if you could protect yourself from the greatest financial risk you will face in your retirement? It may be hard to believe, but the estimated risk for needing long term care in your lifetime continues to rise each year. With long term care health insurance, these costs can be covered.

Long term care is defined as when a person will take more than 90 days to recover or if his or her recovery is ambiguous. This means that long term care insurance is about more than just planning for retirement. It removes the worry of having to earmark your nest egg for the uncertainty of paying for any long term care so you can enjoy doing the things you like. Imagine how relaxed you’ll feel knowing that you planned ahead and are protected!

Long term care health insurance, sometimes called senior health insurance, is insurance that pays for expenses that are incurred when a person needs help with activities of daily living (ADLs), which include eating, dressing, bathing, continence, toileting and transferring. Long term care insurance covers and pays for many things, including home health care, skilled nursing or rehabilitation training either in a nursing facility or at home, assisted living facility care, adult day care, hospice care, and care for cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s.

Get financial protection, along with freedom and flexibility to choose your care. Many people are under the impression that Medicare, Medicaid or their health insurance will pay for any of their long term care costs. However, the truth is that these programs and policies have extreme limitations, leaving individuals and families responsible to pay through their own savings or assets. Senior health insurance is the best protection against the financial catastrophe of paying for any kind of long term care out-of-pocket.

Learn more about obtaining long term care health insurance to protect you, and those you love, in the event that extended health care is needed in your lifetime. Get a free quote for a long term care insurance policy now, and relax knowing your future is safe.

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