Non-Obamacare Health Insurance for Milwaukee, WI

If you are looking for a health insurance plan that isn’t part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace, our team at SVL Insurance Group has just the coverage for you. We offer non-ACA health care insurance options perfect for healthy families in Milwaukee, WI, and the surrounding areas who simply don’t need as much coverage as ACA health plans require.

A Plan That Works for You

If you enjoy a generally healthy life and you don’t have any major preexisting conditions, you likely don’t need as much coverage as the ACA requires. At SVL Insurance Group, we provide fully customizable non-Obamacare health insurance plans for your family. We don’t need to adhere to government-mandated benefits, so if you don’t need a service, your premium doesn’t need to pay for coverage for it.

By designing your own plan and paying only for the coverage you need, you can enjoy much lower insurance costs than you would with the alternative. Through 2018, you may have suffered a penalty at tax time for not having ACA coverage, but ever since 2019, that penalty has been discontinued. You can enjoy lower premiums and more affordable care without worrying about paying for it when you file your taxes.

To learn more about our non-Obamacare health care, call our team at 224-465-8276.

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