Accident Medical Expense

You Don’t Have To Be Accident-Prone To Benefit From Accident Insurance.

Personal accident insurance keeps you covered 24/7… while keeping your wallet shut.

When you think of an accident, you probably first think of a car collision. But the truth is, you can be involved in an accident just about anywhere – in your home, walking down the street, while at work, or when you are out having fun. We can help you be prepared for an unexpected “oops” with a personal accident insurance policy.

There really is no telling when something could happen to you that leaves you needing medical attention or unable to work. Personal accident insurance waives your deductible if you are injured due to an accident. This is especially beneficial for those with high deductible health insurance plans, and for families with very active or adventurous kids. We can help you combine your existing coverage with an accident insurance policy so that you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket should something accident-related happen.

An unexpected trip to the emergency room can set you back hundreds – even thousands – of dollars. Accident insurance offers coverage for deductibles, uncovered medical expenses, and even non-medical costs such as transportation expenses, living expenses, domestic assistance, and loss of income when you are unable to work – all for a very affordable cost.

Learn more about accident insurance today. You’ll discover it’s just one more way we find to cover you from every angle … for less. Get a free personal accident insurance policy quote now, and get peace of mind knowing you’re protected from the unexpected.

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