What are the Limitations of Subsidized Plans?

A subsidy is a type of financial aid/loan. You can be eligible for Advanced Premium Tax Break Subsidy if your income is between 100-400% above the Federal Poverty Level. However, many people don’t understand the downfalls of having a subsidized healthcare insurance plan. Unfortunately, there are many limitations of having a subsidized plan. Below are a few facts that everyone should know when purchasing a subsidized plan.

  • Many doctors do not take new patients who have subsidized plans.
  • The networks are limited to only counties and cities.
  • If you get sick or hurt out of state, your plan will not cover 100% of your bills.
  • You do not get to customize your plan meaning you do not get to choose your monthly premium, deductible, etc.
  • 2017 Open enrollment is only from November 1- December 15.
  • If you find a new job or your income changes, you need to go to the marketplace and change your income statement.
  • You may have to repay some or all of the money back.
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