September 2017 Private Healthcare Insurance FACTS about YOUR Insurance Options and Subsidies

Do you need help with finding a good healthcare insurance plan? Do you have one now that you are not satisfied with? We are a business who can help you find a healthcare insurance plan that works for you. We HELP you DESIGN your CHOOSE your premium, deductible, etc. No, we are not spam..we are a business here to help you for FREE!!

It continues to amaze us the amount of information that is on the internet and more importantly, what we are hearing when we talk to clients. So we want to address some things and put the TRUTH out:

YOU DO NOT have to have an ACA/Obamacare Plan. THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT was created for ONE REASON and ONE REASON ONLY-to provide sick individuals and families with major existing conditions the ability to get guaranteed issued health insurance (if you purchased a BCBS plan after January 1, 2014, you ARE on a an ACA plan. BCBS now ONLY sells ACA Plans).

The GOOD NEWS is, if you are healthy, meaning you have NO major pre-existing conditions, you have OPTIONS, much MORE AFFORDABLE, NATIONWIDE PPO PLAN OPTIONS that meet the minimum essential coverage.

If you are NOT sick, YOU DO NOT NEED an ACA plan, and you are REALLY, REALLY overpaying for coverage that’s NOT designed for you, with limited network coverage…ACA Networks are limited if you purchase the plan 100% on your own with no help from the government. ACA Networks purchased on the exchange, i.e. you qualify for a SUBSIDY (government) is paying a portion of your monthly premium, are EVEN MORE LIMITED. You qualify for a subsidy based on your estimated income. A subsidy is NOT FREE MONEY! This is a loan from the IRS to purchase health insurance. You are on the HOOK to pay back SOME or ALL of this loan due to changes in your estimated versus your actual earnings.

When you are on an ACA plan, you are paying for maternity coverage, substance abuse, child dental and vision, etc. whether or not you need this type of coverage. So again, ACA plans are for people with major pre-existing conditions. Those of you who are healthy, YOU HAVE MORE AND BETTER OPTIONS!

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