Best TOP 10 Reasons to have a Health Insurance Broker

1. Healthcare insurance agents represent many carriers so agents can shop around for you and compare plans.

2. Healthcare insurance agents are able to check to see if your doctor(s) and hospital(s) are in network.

3. Healthcare insurance agents’ services are FREE!

4. Agents are able to look up your prescriptions and find out how much they will cost and where you can get discounts.

5. If you choose a Non-Obamacare Plan, agents are able to help you customize your plan. You choose your monthly premium, deductible, etc.

6. Agents are able to put members in a family on different plans. If all family members do not have major pre-existing conditions, then the agent can put the healthy family members on Non-Obamacare plans and others on Obamacare.

7. Agents will continue to answer any questions while you are still on a plan they signed you up for. Agents don’t disappear like online insurance!

8. If you need to switch a plan anytime, your agent will be able to help you.

9. Agents are able to help find new doctors or hospitals if you are new to an area.

10. Healthcare insurance agents are up to date about new laws and changes.

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