Hello! Welcome to SVL Insurance Group!

We offer 2 types of healthcare insurance plans to individuals, families, and small businesses: ACA Plans AND NON-ACA Plans
(we represent ALL the major carriers, United, BCBS, Aetna, National General Health, etc)

1.) ACA plans were created for those of you with MAJOR pre-existing conditions (it is NOT open enrollment right now for these plans UNLESS you have a qualifying life event)

2.) NON-ACA plans are for those of you who have NO major pre-existing conditons like diabetes, cancer, COPD, heart disease, etc. (ITS OPEN ENROLLMENT ALL YEAR LONG!!)
Non-ACA options may be a better fit for you if you are in good health with NO major pre-existing conditions, and desire more affordable coverage!

Call me to see if you qualify for:

-1-12 MONTH PLANS!!!
– Low or No Deductible
– Larger Broader NATIONWIDE PPO Network
– Significantly lower premiums
– Coverage that fits your needs

Don’t Delay! Call, email or message me today to set your appointment now…we set you up for an insurance plan for FREE!!!!!!! Doesn’t cost you a penny for us to help you!! Cool, right?
We are here to help you find a plan that works for you. We EDUCATE you on all of the latest changes!! Call us anytime at 224-465-8276. Ask for Steve Lisiewicz or Michele. ALL consultations are EDUCATIONAL and FREE!!

Check out our WEBSITE: svlinsurancegroup.com

We are LICENSED in 10 states!! WE KNOW ALL THE LAWS AND CARRIERS IN ALL OF THESE STATES!!! Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, and Wisconsin!
“It doesn’t need to be complicated”

Contact us

Email direct to:mjaanimagi@myhst.com
Text message me or call my mobile phone: 224-465-8276

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